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Student Registration


If you are new to Bayless School District, live within the school district boundaries, and have no children currently attending Bayless (Grades K-12) an online registration needs to be completed.  This may be completed at home or an appointment can be made with the Bayless Registrar.  An email address is required, please set up an email address before registration begins.

Once the online registration has been submitted and there were any new students registered, please call Barbara Shetley at 314-256-8100 to schedule your appointment to provide required documents (see below). 


  • Does the new student have an IEP (learning disability) or 504 (medical) plan – provide copy, if applicable

  • Provide copies of any custody/legal papers – provide copy, if applicable

  • Child's current immunization record  

  • Child's state issued birth certificate, or green card, or valid passport

  • Parent ID, green card or passport

  • Proof of residency - Mortgage statement OR copy of current lease, AND 2) Utility bills, voter ID card, municipal occupancy permit, paycheck stub, government documents such as social services, IRS and/or other legal/court docs.

  • These documents must show the recent date, your name and address.  

IF APPLICABLE:  A parent or legal guardian who resides in our district, but is residing with another family member or friend will be required to complete an Affidavit of Residency. An Affidavit of Residency certifying residency at the address of the property owner will be required.  Both the property owner and parent/legal guardian are required to meet with the district registrar, provide proof of residency (detailed above) and sign an affidavit. Residency checks will be performed if student’s non-residency in the district is suspected.

Annual Update

If you have any children currently attending Bayless School District (Grades K-12), and still reside within the school district boundaries:

Please complete your Annual Update through the Parent Portal/Infinite Campus.  

Using a computer, go to the Bayless website:

You will find directions about setting up a parent portal account AND the link to ENTER CAMPUS PORTAL.  Please contact Tim Chapman at or if you have questions about the Parent Portal.

Once the annual update has been submitted:

  • If there were NO NEW STUDENTS added– nothing else is required.  You will be contacted if there are any questions.

  • If there was a NEW STUDENT added - call Barbara Shetley at 314/256-8100 to schedule your appointment to provide required documents (see above).

District Boundaries

Online registration application

You must have an email address to perform the online registration. Once you click 'Start Registration'.  You will fill out a form and a link to start the registration will be emailed to you.

NOTE: Instructions are embedded throughout the online registration system. Please thoroughly read these instructions to guide you through the process.

This video shows what to expect when performing the online registration.