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Science 6

Spider Research Project  

Websites that might help with your research
(click below):

Google Search - look for these:

  • .edu websites - these are educational institutions, and great resources!
  • Zoo or museum websites
  • State-sponsored websites, such as the Missouri Department of Conservation
  • National Geographic 
  • National Park Service
  • National Wildlife Federation

Do Not Use Wikipedia!

Why? Wikis are websites that anyone can edit. Sometimes information is incorrect, outdated, or incomplete.

Citing Your Sources:

All sources you use must be listed on the Works Cited slide! 

Use to create your sources. 

  • Choose Book or Website and enter the ISBN or link.
    • For websites, you need to choose Today for Date Accessed
  • Copy them one at a time by clicking the 3 dots and selecting "copy bibliography entry." 
    • Paste them into the Works Cited Slide posted on Google Classroom
    • Title the slide Works Cited
  • Example:

                                                                  Works Cited

National Geographic. “Spiders, Facts and Information.” Animals, 29 Jan. 2019,
facts/spiders. Accessed 27 Feb. 2024.

Preston-Mafham, Ken, et al. Complete Identifier Bugs, Beetles, Spiders, Snakes. Chartwell Books, 30 Sept. 2010.